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Outplacement, career transition, career management, it does not matter what terms we use, the fact is, organizations like yours have the toughest choice in off-boarding loyal and dedicated employees. You’re here because you want only the best for these people as they journey through this new life of career changeover.

We get it, you're looking for a trusted and proven company that can build your Goodwill Brand through a series of strategic programs, communication and action plans.

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Innovative Best Practices in Identifying Marketable Strengths for Results-Driven Success!
Imagine having a customized 'Done for You” service approach! Our participants not only appreciate this, but they love it! There is nothing like answering the "what’s the next step" question. This structured practical program will be customized to ensure that the next steps are taken.
"Done For You" Customized Projects for Each Individual
The participants will partake in one-on-one sessions with the Client Success Career Coach to define their career purpose and develop a CareerNiche Job Quest™ action plan. This provides them with a focused strategy to ensure alignment with the new realities of today's marketplace.
Exclusive Premium One-on-One Coaching
The participants will work with the Client Success Career Coach to ensure an active Social Media Presence to meet today's digital marketplace acceptance while building their Personal Brand Compass for their future career destination!
Social Media for the Branded Job Search
Once the participants receive our professional résumé, they will become confident in sending it out into the marketplace. Our writing style and SEO keyword formula attracts the applicant tracking systems as well. Yes, a cover letter is included also.
Powerful Superior Professional Resume
Staying On Top of Industry Trends in a Changing Marketplace is the Key to the Success of the Participants and that is why the

CareerNiche Career Marketing Action Plan™ is Ever-Changing!

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We have been delivering services for a diverse set of Industries, Non-Profits and Fortune 500 organizations.


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