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We Can Provide Customized Training Both On & Off Site!

"From Susie's presentation, I learned how having an efficient and well designed resume & cover letter can increase the effectiveness of landing my dream job. Susie's a fun and entertaining presenter and I had a great time listening and learning" .....Kevin

There's no benefit from a one-size-fits-all training program.

At CareerNiche, we will take into account your company's unique situation, challenges and goals to tailor fit a program that will best work for your needs.

Career Transition Workshops

Your company can select from a variety of highly effect Career Transition Workshops that best fit your organizational needs.

  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing
  • Interview Techniques
  • Communications
  • Career Marketing Strategy
  • Negotiating Offers
  • Starting Your Own Business

Management Preparation Training

Provide training and guidance for Management personnel who will be involved in the termination process with communication strategies.

  • Planning & Preparation
  • Individualized Script or Talking Points
  • Maintaining a Positive Image
  • After Support Talk, What's Next?
  • Motivation for Change
  • Preserving Company Reputation


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